A free program for children and families in Adams County that encourages reading and physical activity during the summer months.

Fifteen “launch pads” – wooden marker posts with a unique etching attached – have been hidden in Adams County parks and trails.  When you find the post, use a crayon or pencil to rub the unique etching on the rubbing sheet. It proves you found it and is your key to winning some great prizes!

What is the “Sky Map” and is it required?
The ‘GO and Explore the Universe!’ Sky Map is the official guide to both the GO Adams! physical activity program and the Adams County Library System’s Summer Quest Program. Each Sky Map includes:

  • An overview of the hobby of letterboxing
  • Fifteen (15) pages that contain clues to locate each launch pad (post), and information about difficulty level, mileage, and on-site amenities (e.g., water, playground)
  • Directions to participating parks
  • Reward levels and prizes for locating launch pads (posts)
  • List of sponsor organizations and participating parks

GO Adams! participants are also provided with a sheet on which the rubbings can
be applied. Submission of this sheet at the end of the program validates that launch pad posts were found and ensure prize eligibility.

When does the program start and end?
The GO and Explore the Universe! program officially begins on Friday, June 1, 2019 and ends on Sunday, August 11, 2019. Children and their parents have most of the summer to locate up to fifteen (15) instruments at their own pace. However, all rubbing sheets have to be returned to an Adams County Library no later than Sunday, August 18, 2019 to be eligible for prizes. All posts will be removed from their locations at the completion of the program.

How can children receive prizes?
All children that locate and rub three (3) unique etchings on the rubbing sheet that accompanies their Sky Map receive a reward for participating in the program. Children who locate and rub more than three (3) instruments increase their eligibility to win prizes.

The GO Adams! Facebook page is a “real time” means of communicating with and among participants. Facebook group members post pictures of their GO Adams! adventures and encourage each other in their search to locate Launch Pads.

The website goadams.org provides additional information, including recommended Adams County library books that correspond to each Launch Pad, and directions to each participating park.